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This fiberglass fixed gear has proven to be simple yet durable for the KR builder and flyer. It can be installed quickly to save overall building time.
The main gear consists of an upper aluminum casting, a lower steel weldment, and a 3M Scotchply gear leg and bolts. The fixed main gear mounts in the stub wing area leaving more room in the cockpit area for people and luggage.

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Conventional Gear

5 mph increase cruising speed over STD retract gear.

15 lbs weight savings over the retract gear.

Tricycle Gear

5 mph slower cruising speed.than retract gear

7 lbs weight savings over the stock retract gear.

Main gear has been tested to 5 Gs

The nose gear kit includes a welded mounting bracket, 4130 steel strut, fork, and pivot assembly with axle. It is designed to bolt directly to the Rand Robinson/RevMaster engine mount. It will also fit engine mountsmade for the Great Plains Co. engines. Other engine installations will require slight modifications.




Prices (effective 05/26/09)

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Tail Dragger Main Gear
    (Bolts included)

$   750.00

+ $15 Freight
Tri-Main Gear
    (Bolts included)
$   700.00 + $15 Freight
Tricycle Nose Gear $   700.00 + $10 Freight
Main Gear Axle for Azusa,
     Matco or Rosenhan
$   160.00 pair + $ 5 Freight
Wheel Pant Fairings Kit
$   120.00

Click here for KR-2 Landing Gear Instructions | Click here for a downloadable PDF version

Click here for Nose Gear Instructions | Click here for a downloadable PDF version

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